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- Alleviating a 'Business Pain' is not only a question of being able to add up the numbers; it is to do with communication, stakeholder management, motivation and  understanding what makes people tick.
- Good Simulations must be able to integrate with already chosen processes, tools and methods that work.
- Ability to change fast, effectively and economically is a must.
And this is exactly what Orchard's products may help you to do 

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Integrated Scenario Manager, ISM PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Philip Jacobsen   
Aug 25, 2005 at 01:47 PM
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Integrated Scenario Manager, ISM
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stakeholder text.jpgStakeholder Management, is an integral part of ORCHARD's Simulations. Stakeholder text can be entered and a satisfaction-score appended. Contacting a Stakeholder may cause new scenarios to be activated or be a passive measure of 'Stakeholder-satisfaction' during execution. The score is printed at feedback time.

demo-selection.jpgSubsets of existing simulations, or Demos, can be generated in minutes, supporting focused, time-constrained training objectives. E.g: Start seminar in the evening, two-day programme instead of three-day, scenarios deleted due to unacceptable culture.

Translations completed without reprogramming. The required text is simply typed over the original text, preserving all other settings.

image attachment.jpgImages attached or changed in seconds. Either own images or from a pool of ORCHARD Network images.

database merge.jpgExchange of finished simulations performed through an Export function.


ORCHARD's EVENT-LOGIC and Train-The-Trainer, secure a no-faults situation during construction and execution of simulations.

Seminar-applications or Internet implementation are equally possible.

Anything can be modified at almost any time.

The ISM™ DESIGNER MANUAL provides comprehensive support for the Simulation Constructor.

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