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Orchard refrains as much as possible from the "Battle of the Buzz-words", but if you are looking for LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems), then you have arrived at the right web-site. Our Simulation Authoring System allows you to concentrate on 'Learning' - and to forget technical distractions

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Integrated Scenario Manager, ISM PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Philip Jacobsen   
Aug 25, 2005 at 01:47 PM
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Integrated Scenario Manager, ISM
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The ISM™ is at the core of Orchard's Simulation Authoring Technology. The ISM™ enables production of Scenario-Based Simulations and Behavioural Case Studies, ready to run on a PC (Windows 2000, XP and up). Creation and later modification of a simulation is as easy as writing and modifying a letter. Once installed, It can be managed entirely by non technical people and only (!) requires knowledge about content, ability to write - and a logical mind. The ISM™ provides a common platform across the organisation and with Orchard and other users, enabling import and export of new and updated simulations. The key functions of the ISM™ are:

add scenario.jpgAdding, modifying or deleting scenarios.

multiple choiceMultiple Choice, Information and Text Input Scenarios supported.



scenario dependency.jpgScenario-Flow (Execution Dependency), easily controlled using logical operators (OR, AND and NOT). e.g.: Scenario 2000 will NOT execute if Answer-3 in Scenario 1500 was chosen.

nr of rounds.jpgSimulation Execution can be modified in minutes: number of rounds, timing of each scenario, which scenario to include/exclude, etc.

bal scorecard.jpgCustomised Balanced Scorecard. Decision-evaluation is relative to a fully customizable balanced scorecard of 1-6 elements.

Balanced Scorecard graphically printed after each round.

feedback and dyn parameters.jpgNarrative feedback can be entered for a scenario and for each decision. Feedback is printed at the end of each round.

Decision priority is evaluated through 1-5 dynamically defined parameters.

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