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Orchard refrains as much as possible from the "Battle of the Buzz-words", but if you are looking for LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems), then you have arrived at the right web-site. Our Simulation Authoring System allows you to concentrate on 'Learning' - and to forget technical distractions

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Written by Jorgen Grabow Faxholm   
Aug 25, 2005 at 03:36 AM
Teams And People, TAP™

Teams and People is a training tool that helps people understand the success factors and inhibitors of creating high performance cross-functional teams. Group and Team behaviour is practised through a series of realistic scenarios, where "recommended action" is defined by the Learning Objectives and a Balanced Scorecard. Decisions focus on Team and Individual Behaviour, Team Dynamics, relationship to base-organisation, Leadership issues, Stakeholder Management, Networking, Customer focus, Organisational dynamics and Business Orientation. TAP exists in English, French (PEP), German (Prometeus) and Spanish (PEPE). TAP addresses the whole spectrum of people, who need to understand what it means to create, or be part of, a high performance Team. 

CHange And Organisational Survival, CHAOS™ 

CHAOS illustrates how major change is brought about from a senior Leader's point of view. The recipe is the one suggested by John Kotter in his 8 principles for success:

  1. Generate a sense of urgency.
  2. Find out who is with you and who is not. Use this coalition to move forward.
  3. Generate a vision/ strategy that will make everyone move in the same direction.
  4. Communicate the vision.
  5. Empowering the people who are with you.
  6. Generate short term wins to convince the rest.
  7. Consolidate the gains and continue the change process without losing what you have won.
  8. Turn the new approaches into a sustainable culture. CHAOS is targeted at senior personnel invilved in major change. 

The Service Minded Super-fridge, SMS-Fridge™

SMS-Fridge™ gives you an impression of what it means to be a consultant, who has been assigned as Interim Manager for a client. You have responsibility for both running the daily state of affairs and for supervising the implementation of a High-Tech Project that employs own, client and third party resources. SMS-Fridge™ has been in use, for example, in organisation who wanted to provide a quick reference to newly hired personnel about what it "means to work for us" - an excellent example of where simulations can make a fast, efficient and effective difference to traditional introduction programmes.  

Simulations on Key Account Management, Departmental/Personal Change issues and General Management are planned. 

Client-designed simulations may, in certain instances, be made generally available as well. 

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