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Orchard refrains as much as possible from the "Battle of the Buzz-words", but if you are looking for LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems), then you have arrived at the right web-site. Our Simulation Authoring System allows you to concentrate on 'Learning' - and to forget technical distractions

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Written by Peter Philip Jacobsen   
Aug 25, 2005 at 02:29 AM
Jorgen Grabow Faxholm developed the ORCHARD idea in 1998-9 (ORCHARD = ORganisational CHange And Resource Development). Having introduced simulation-based training to the European scene in the early 1990s it had become clear that a) simulations still were a buzz-word for most people, b) it was difficult and time consuming, i.e. expensive, to write good simulations and c) once created, it was difficult to maintain them. The rate of change in Business and Organisations rendered most simulations obsolete almost instantaneously. 
The novelty in ORCHARD's approach was not "highly professional/ international/ adapting to our customers' needs" or any of the other slogans that mar the industry. The concept-leap was to make a machine that could produce other machines - the Simulation Generator™, relying on the well researched fact that simulation is one of the most effective tools when it comes to training adults. "Give me the boy of 7 and I will tell you who the man is", as Kierkegaard said, meaning that we were all lost after that age. Not quite, Mr. Kierkegaard, simulations were not invented in 1840. 
Realising that life moves about 100 times as fast as in Kierkegaard's time, ORCHARD developed a way to: 

    • make a simulation as fast as you can write: logic, feedback and all; change it in minutes when needed. 
  • translate immediately, directly from the originally tested simulation into a new version without re-test. 
  • eliminate technical complexity; don't bother with HTML, asp, Basic++ and other gobbledygook. 
  • concentrate on content, which happens to be the most difficult part anyway, the 'Barrier-to-Entry'. 
  • start small, gain experience, add/change/delete as and when the need transpires, preserving the investment so far
  • import/export and share simulations between all parts of the organisation - and even between different organisations using the ORCHARD platform.

The first three generic ORCHARD simulations TAP™, The Service Minded Super Fridge™ and CHAOS™ and bespoke simulations for large customers prove the point: Effective, No Obsolescence, Timely and Fast.
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