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Orchard refrains as much as possible from the "Battle of the Buzz-words", but if you are looking for LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems), then you have arrived at the right web-site. Our Simulation Authoring System allows you to concentrate on 'Learning' - and to forget technical distractions

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Discover the Power of Simulation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Philip Jacobsen   
Jun 12, 2004 at 11:54 AM

Orchard help our Customers excel by:  

  • Supporting your Competency Development and Knowledge Management process.

  • Helping you leverage on Best Practice and Experience.

  • Providing you with a Common Simulation Platform

See how your organisation kan benefit from using Simulation...

The commercial benefits are substantial: 

  • Knowledge is an asset that you need to protect like any other assets. Organisations that do not have policies and procedures for acquiring and disseminating experience and general knowledge become vulnerable to competitive attack. Orchard's Ready-To-Use World-Class simulations in General Management areas, (e.g. Key Customer Management, Project Leadership, Effective Teams and Change), allow you to implement new knowledge and learning objectives across the organisation in days rather than months. They make immediate sharing of what works and what doesn't possible. Executed in teams, our simulations are a shortcut to fast behaviour change, helping people work together and exercise new learning risk-free. This way they obtain operational competency with fewer mistakes, cost-effectively.
  • "Best Practice" simply means: don't re-invent the wheel every time you have a problem; listen to others. Orchard's pre-canned Simulations have been constructed on a basis of academic research, benchmarking and experience. They have a great track-record and can be used as they are, with or without additional course material, or you can modify and expand them as the need dictates, preserving the investment every inch of the way. The Integrated Scenario Manager™ lets you include new scenarios from your theatre of experience into your own design. Later you will be able to purchase scenarios from our portfolio of Best Practice issues, or from the Orchard Network, making the task of creating new and exciting simulations child's play. 

  • A common Simulation Platform between your various users, Orchard and our external partners will generate huge advantages. It allows import/export of other simulations in minutes. Apart from providing for easy translation and dealing with YOUR business issues and not with "how to start a picture framing shop", it means leveraging on Orchard's experience and academic research. You can have people across the organisation create new scenarios and simulations and you only need one Learning Curve. This makes it possible to generate lightening fast exchange of knowledge, values and norms - knowledge that stays. Research indicates that retention of lectures after a week is around 5%, after reading ca 15% - and falling fast. Retention after simulation is an impressive 75%and staying high. 

See what Our Customers have to say about Us, Our Approach and Methodology... [Click here]

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